Worlds’ First Live Chat Stickers

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce you first stickers of all the live chats in the world — PALS! Our new friendly faces are connecting agents and customers following the conversation from the very beginning to the happy-end.

They are not just the characters that you’re expressing yourself through, it’s the emotions that they are portraying.

Hence they represent the range of emotional responses: Happy, Sad, Supportive, Thinker, and Hopeful.

Five Paldesk stickers expressing emotions

Picture 1. Express your emotion using stickers


With the attractive graphics and easy to use interface, they definitely make chatting more laughable and funny.

Live chat interface with Paldesk stickers

Picture 2. Live Chat interface with stickers

So far there is a set of 5 stickers, but we are not stopping there. We are about to introduce more stickers, more customizable, cool features for brands who are looking to revolutionize the way of communication with their customers.

Click here and get your pack now — it’s completely free with no commitment required.

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