Best WordPress Plugins for User Experience – 2018 Edition

WordPress is the most used platform on the internet, mainly because of its simplicity and automation. The purpose of WordPress is to simplify the process of creating a web site, so anyone could do it. Currently counting 14.7% of top 100 web sites on the internet, the potential this platform holds is undeniable. However, simply creating a website from an existing template usually isn’t enough, as you’ll need to personalize it. That’s where a variety of plugins come into play, bringing a simple WordPress experience to a new level.

Plugins are the number one way of customizing your website, without actually hiring a programmer. They’re used for everything from SEO to UX, offering a variety of different choices. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the WordPress plugins that help you deliver a more satisfying experience to users on your site. There’s plenty of those to choose from, however, we’ll be dealing with the most popular and relevant ones.

WP Forms

WP Forms is a plugin which provides a simple way to implement a form on your website. It allows for easy creation of polls, contact forms, payment and order forms. It works on the basis of drag and drop, so beginners shouldn’t have any problems with using this tool.

WP Froms plugin for WordPress

Picture 1. WP Forms interface

BackUp Buddy

This plugin functions in the same way as classic backup, but the data that is stored can come from multiple WordPress sites. The backup system is said to be fast and reliable. Imagine losing all your date due to an server crash or error? Restoring here is done in just few clicks, which guarantees user satisfaction. Easy to use and effective, BackUp Buddy is a crucial when it come to keeping your information safe.

BackUp Buddy plugin for WordPress

Picture 2. BackUp Buddy plugin

Yoast SEO

SEO is a must-have in the era of digital marketing. Every web site on the internet is in dire need of an good SEO, and this plugin is the solution. Yoast SEO is used for on site optimization and presents one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It provides a variety of features, like the ability to change a page’s meta description or provide additional information on the content you published. Easy to set up and beginner friendly, it’s a great way to keep your site search friendly and your users satisfied.

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

Picture 3. Yoast SEO plugin


In the sea of all plugins for boosting speed of the site that exist, KeyCDN is one of the simplest and most reliable plugins for speeding up the load time of the site. If sites load too long, users may lose its patience and try to look for another site. With its simple integration, you can create value for your website and keep users happy and browsing.

KeyCDN plugin for WordPress

Picture 4. KeyCDN plugin


OptinMonster is one of the most popular plugin for conversion rate optimization. It allows for users who are leaving your site to be converted to email subscribers using carefully chosen  and timed messages. Moreover, it offers in built analytics and advanced scroll deduction which makes experience tracking easy and effective.

OptinMonster plugin for WordPress

Picture 5. OptinMonster plugin


This plugin connects with Google Analytics, one of the most useful platforms for success monitoring your website traffic. MonsterInsights therefore lets you keep track of statistics like where users come from, what they are doing and how much time they spent on the site. When measuring user experience and trying to improve on it, the insights offered here are most valuable.

MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress

Picture 6. Monster Insights plugin

Shared Counts

The importance of social media in business grows more relevant by the day. There are some new possibilities arising daily on how to engage and share content in a meaningful way.  Shared Count allows you to connect your brand accounts on social media with your website. It offers the option to put a social share button on your site. All the most popular social media platforms are included: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. At the end of the day, this plugin allows users to effortlessly share your content with others, thereby improving brand exposure and overall experience.

Shared Counts plugin for WordPress

Picture 7. Shared Counts plugin

Quick and Easy FAQs

FAQs are a useful thing to have on your website, and also one of the basics of a good customer retention strategy. Having an FAQ page can decrease the number of direct enquiries and helps improve overall customer experience and satisfaction. It’s also the basis of natural product growth, which makes this plugin an absolute must have.

FAQ plugin for WordPress

Picture 8. FAQ plugin


Security is always one of the most important questions when it comes to your website. That’s why you should defend your site. The Defender plugin can help you set a basic level of protection, scanning your site and exposing vulnerabilities. A web administrator of the site can then remove them with one single click. That’s how you protect your user data, by offering users and secure way to continue browsing and interacting with your website.

Defender plugin for WordPress

Picture 9. Defender plugin


Plugins play big role in making a WordPress site feel personalized and up to standards. They provide us with great ways of improving user experience, with only a few clicks. Quality web site content plays a vital role here, boosted through the implementation of  various different plugins. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, each one with its own values and functions. Choosing the right one make can make all the difference.

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