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With tens of thousands of active installations globally, WordPress live chat plugins are among the platform’s most popular. How come? Just as faxes and emails have once revolutionized communication by cutting days or even weeks out of a typical correspondence, live chat is blazing new, even faster trails. Research shows that the average response time for customer service requests on social media is 10 hours. Worse still, email response times often take longer than 12 hours! What about live chat? Take a cue from its name – it’s LIVE.

What Is Live Chat Support and Why Does It Matter?

WordPress Live Chat support enables real-time conversations with your customers. It works like texting or using Facebook Messenger. However, it can only be used by your visitors while they’re actually on your website!
Live Chat is quick and convenient. Customers love it because it is faster than any other digital messaging or customer service channel.
Comparison of customer service response times via chat, social media and email
Live chat support is not just a way of communicating with the customers. It is a proven tool to improve sales and satisfaction. When people shop in real life, they still rely on sales and customer service representatives to answer product questions and guide them. A well-trained employee can improve the shopping experience and help give direction on what to buy.
Online shopping is lacking in this regard. This relates to the rise of price comparison portals, review sites and personalized recommendations as proxies for great service. It’s also where live chat support comes into play. Live chat simulates the presence of a real employee answering your questions in real-time.
According to a survey of American online consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer going back to a website with live chat for a repeat purchase.
This real-time tool provides businesses with ample engagement opportunities. Starting from marketing to customer helpdesk and sales support, live chat improves the overall customer experience. It also improves your WordPress site’s conversion ratios.

Should You Consider WordPress Live Chat for Your Business?

If you’re running a customer-facing business on WordPress, you can now turn a static webpage into a dynamic sales and support messaging channel. Regardless of how strong your product or service is, your customers will inevitably need a bit of help from time to time.

WordPress Live Chat enables you to provide a better level of customer support. What’s more important, it can also help your visitors to feel more engaged knowing you’re just a click away. Everyone appreciates being noticed as an individual. 

As a marketing tool, WordPress live chat offers new opportunities to push out targeted incentives and offers. Why should you consider WordPress Live Chat for your business?

Live Chat is Convenient

Do your customers need immediate help? Live chat can help your customers and resolve their issues instantly. Customers can either initiate the chat session on their own or be prompted by a pop-up from an agent. According to Acquire.io:

60% of customers said that they hated waiting longer than a minute for a reply. It takes on an average only 23 seconds for a live chat rep to respond and only 46 seconds to solve a customer’s problems.

Nobody likes waiting in line. Live chat helps website visitors skip “on-hold” music for good and take back their valuable time.

Live Chat is Cost-Effective

Efficiency is another reason to use live chat. Phone calls require one-on-one attention and take time. Live chat software enables agents to handle more conversations and resolve more issues per session than phone support.

Live Chat is User-Friendly

Another great reason to use live chat is to personalize interactions. Live chat is like texting with a friend. As such, it encourages casual dialogue. It makes a visitor inclined to share exactly what they are looking for or what questions they have! A chat session feels less scripted than most automated support systems. Offering more transparent communication, support agents can better assist visitors and represent your business in the best light.

Causes Customer’s Loyalty

Like we already told, 63% percent of visitors will most probably come back on the site just because they can use live chat service.

The hype about live chat is definitely because it gives you lots of new benefits for your business. It improves CX, saves the time of responding on customer inquiries, agents can handle more conversations at once unlike traditional phone calls, etc.

This is one of the best ways to make your customers loyal. Once you gain loyal customers, you can say that you succeeded, because the primary goal must be a happy customer.

Gain Valuable Insights

Engaging in a live chat with your website visitors will help you identify and understand their pressure points. Such insights are invaluable when it comes to continually improving your products or service offerings. More importantly, you can also view the scripts from prior conversations, which makes a great training tool.

It’s Profitable

Having an agent ready to personally respond to concerns will help to keep your visitors moving through the decision-making process. Prospects may no longer feel the need to do additional research.

Responding immediately to questions or concerns while some prospects are in a buying frame of mind can shorten your sales cycle. Agents can also be trained to see opportunities to cross-sell customers or make other suggestions in a no-pressure manner.

Become the Go-To for Your Audience

The average question on live chat can be answered in 48 seconds. Customers can get their questions and concerns addressed without long hold times, transfers or escalations. In the future, customers know that instead of “googling’ for an answer, they can come back to you and get the information they need straight from the source. This creates a more integrated and complete customer experience. Moreover, it also drives more traffic to your website, which can help with SEO efforts and site ranking.

Get That Competitive Edge

In one study, 38% of customers who bought products from e-commerce sites that utilize live chat did so because of the additional information or confidence they gained during the interaction. Overall, chat respondents spend more while shopping online as well!

Is your business considering using WordPress Live Chat? Other than using live chat as a customer service tool, you can find how to boost customer service to the next level.

7 Features to Look for in a WordPress Live Chat Software?

Essential features depend primarily on the needs of your business. To begin with, first define your objectives: Need to track and monitor your website visitors in real time?

Do you want to:

  • Maximize customer delight and satisfaction?
  • Generate more leads and increase sales?
  • Reduce support costs?
  • Customize your live chat widget to match the look and feel of your website?

As there’s no “one size fits all” live chat solution for everyone, answers to the above questions can ease your selection process. Let’s have a look at the checklist of additional “must-have” features, based on our experience using multiple providers.

1. Cloud-Based Platform or Solution On-Premise

First, you need to decide whether the live chat software will be cloud hosted or installed on-premise. Self-hosted (or on-premise) services, the applications are hosted using your own technical infrastructure. Cloud-hosted software resides on a third-party server and is facilitated by the Internet.  

There are pros and cons to using either approach, but there are some clear advantages to using a cloud-hosted application:

  • Constant upgrades and scalability
  • Cost effective – pay only for what you use
  • No need to invest in IT infrastructure (e.g. servers)
  • Ensures anywhere, anytime access
  • Quicker bug resolutions

We prefer the cloud-hosted option as its more user-friendly, but it’s up to you to decide what you actually need.

2. Live Chat or OmniChannel Communication

Will you add and manage live chat as an additional, bolt-on communication channel to your customers? You might want to integrate live chat with your overall OmniChannel communication approach. Think about it, your customers now reach out via email, phone calls, mobile app messages, Facebook or Twitter.

Do you want to add live chat as a separately managed channel, with its own login & dashboard? Would you prefer a service that can aggregate all of these channels and provide a one-stop solution for your agents to manage all your communications? This is called OmniChannel communication.

The reality is that customers often reach out using multiple channels. They will expect you to identify their accounts, historical interaction with you and resolve their current need. Therefore, we recommend a solution that unifies a customer record across channels.

3. Mobile Optimized

This is an era of mobile communication. Today’s live chat software has to be where the customer is. Since that means being available on today’s most used mobile devices, it’s important that your live chat software is mobile ready.

Additionally, it’s important for your agents to be able to offer support while they are on the go. Especially if you are a startup or have a small team.  Choose a service that has a mobile app for agents, or which integrates with robust mobile messaging apps like Slack.

4. Branding and Customization

Can you change the chat’s color, texts, logo, agent avatars? Can you customize the look and feel of the chat widget (icon, tab, button)? Do you like the interface yourself? 

Ideally, you should be able to control every little aspect of the chat window. This includes:

  • messages to be displayed in pre-chat and post-chat windows
  • survey and rating windows and dialogs
  • the offline message form
  • the ability to add or edit fields as per your business needs

Many live chat software providers are more focused on promoting their own business than helping yoursLook for WordPress live chat software that lets you easily customize branding to match your site’s look and feel.

5. Must-Have Key Features

  • Chat Monitoring: Monitor how your agents are performing. Check detailed chat conversations between website visitors and agents in real-time.
  • Chat Routing: Route an incoming chat request to the right agent. This saves the time of transferring a chat and improves customers’ chat experience.
  • Offline messages: This feature will let your customers contact you even when your support team isn’t available to chat.
  • File transfers: transferring of files between operators and visitors with controls on allowed file types and file sizes.
  • Ratings & Surveys: Track satisfaction with your handling of support issues. Add tags to measure and improve.
  • Proactive Chat: Reach out to website visitors and offer instant help even before they ask a question.
  • Canned Responses: type a reply once, save it and then reuse it with just a few keystrokes.

For the killing features, check out this: customizable features.

6. Third Party Integrations

Make sure that your live chat application of choice integrates seamlessly with current business tools, e.g. Slack. It should also be compatible with popular CMS and e-commerce website platforms like WordPress and Woo Commerce. Having data flow easily and seamlessly between your toolset will not only save you a lot of hassle but time as well.  

7. Pricing

When selecting any live chat solution, look at the value you are getting in exchange for the price you are going to pay. Many chat providers offer a free basic solution that can quickly escalate in price. A few common upcharges to look out for:

  • number of chats you can have per month
  • the number of users in your database
  • how many websites you can integrate with
  • restricted “premium” features that are actually essential to provide support

Keep on mind all of these!

Why Should You Implement Live Chat on Your WordPress Site?

Live chat bring revolution in digital world, no matter is it in purpose of customer support or for assistance on e-commerce pages. Customers can expect responses on their problems very quickly. As well, when visitors on your e-commerce sites have problem, you can always help them in making purchases and maybe lead them to some more purchases.

Answer on the question in this heading is given through the whole article. Live chat has lots of advantages for every business. It’s much easier to respond on customer’s inquiries, it’s user-friendly, brings you bigger revenue and the most important is that customer experience largely increases.

We suggest you try Paldesk Live Chat for free, as it offers easy setup, customization, mobile options and simple pricing.

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