Why Users Love Drupal?

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Drupal is known for its simple content administration and customization opportunities. You have the flexibility to modify, extend and scale your requirements as your site traffic grows.

The future of Drupal looks bright, says Dries Buytaert, its founder.

Dries describes it as a healthy and growing project which makes the framework of websites around the world. Hence it’s constantly under development to make sure that its technology is cutting-edge

The platform was released in 2000 and ever since the number of its users is drastically increasing. Year by year, there is a 22% increase in the number of issues fixed or closed on Drupal, a 28% increase in the number of individual contributors, and a 26% increase in the number of organizations contributing to the project.

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Going All In With Drupal

There are tons of reasons why you should consider Drupal to build your next website.

Here is our top six:


Drupal is equipped to handle your basic needs and robust for handling complex projects. It contains content types, views, taxonomies, blocks, multiple page templates among others.

It is designed by developers for developers, which makes its functionality both a strength and a weakness. Hence there are starter themes available for Drupal, but the majority of them are designed for custom development.

Without the hassle of implementing custom code, you can customize pages, 3rd party themes, blogs, forums, polls, designs, layouts, fonts, stock images, aesthetics, colors, and much more.

Modules are Drupal’s version of plugins. It offers thousands of different modules. This means there are thousands of ways to make your site unique while continuing to extend Drupal’s functionality.

You can install modules like Google analytics, URL management, meta-tag systems, a site map generator, a robots.txt generator, and more. They are free and contain many functionalities. This creates an SEO system but does require work up front to customize the platform.


Drupal works with Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based devices. It has the ability to integrate with a variety of systems and applications compared to any other web platform out there.

For instance, its integration with Live Chat inspires customer loyalty. It’s providing timely support, issues solving and helps others feel satisfied with the service you provide.

Install the Drupal Live Chat module in under 4 minutes

Picture 1. Install your Drupal Live Chat module in under 4 minutes

Paldesk – Live Chat & Help Desk for Drupal allows you to add live chat to your Drupal website quickly and easily. Help your visitors in real time and convert them into customers! Increase your conversion rates, improve your loyalty and provide brighter interactions directly with your visitors when they’re ready to do so.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Live Chat – give your business a human touch. Use the live chat in real-time for sales, marketing, and customer support on your website.
  • Real-time traffic monitoring – convert your website visitor data into powerful insights and deliver a more personalized experience.
  • Reply to visitor-initiated chats – because the best time to help your customers in real-time.
  • Smart contact distribution – assign every contact to their ideal agent, based on previous conversations or agent’s status (ready or not ready).
  • Automatic identification – each contact is registered by the system, allowing for automatic user recognition and the linking of various contacts.
  • Customer service efficiency – one chat agent may assist several customers at the same time decreasing waiting times.
  • Chats transfer – your agent doesn’t know the answer to the user question? No worries. You can easily transfer chats between representatives who know how to answer.
  • Customizable layout – you may customize the appearance of a live chat window with your website’s branding. Redesign our live chat widget by personalizing position, colors and welcome messages.
  • Advanced chat features – you may customize your widget with activation rules: show it only on selected pages, show pre-form chat, show only on defined weekdays…
  • Compatibility with all browsers and OS – Paldesk Live Chat & Help Desk is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

The sites supported by Drupal have risen to 1,000,000 and counting. They make up about 2.1% of the total online site arena. These sites range from blogs, corporate sites, businesses, and even government sites.

Some sampled Drupal sites include White House, New York Stock Exchange, Twitter developer community, Pinterest, among others. They experience increased traffic on a daily basis propelled by the excellent features on Drupal.


If you need a tool that is less focused on blogging and more focused on flexibility. Drupal is that tool.

Building a Drupal website requires a lot of effort

Picture 2. They are both open-source projects with a large, dedicated user and development base

It’s able to support multiple site stakeholders. Its user permissions are advanced so you can have site admins, content editors, or individualized access to private content.

It’s a safe way to save site templates for web designers and has the potential for top ranking search results for site owners. This ultimately provides power to the Drupal platform and its users.

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Ease of use

Drupal isn’t hard to use, but it can be hard to learn how to use it. It’s driven by more technical, developer-centric sensibilities.

However, if your Drupal website is set-up properly, content editing is a breeze. You can create, manage, edit and publish content onto a website or an online application. It comes with a visual layout composer and on-page editing capabilities.

Also, most of its themes are mobile-ready out of the box. This is highly important as most users use their mobile devices for browsing the internet. Drupal users also help provide support for one another, create documentation and leverage networking opportunities.


Drupal does a great job of addressing security issues. Out of the top 4 content management systems (CMS) out there today – Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and Magento – Drupal is the most secure one.

Its system is actively scanned for vulnerabilities by its team of experts. It has enterprise-level security and provides in-depth security reports. There’s also a bulleting where users can find help to fix a problem whenever it occurs with the platform.

Besides that, there is a dedicated Drupal security team that works to monitor potential security risks. Some people worry that an open-source system is easier to hack; the reality, though, is the team of users and dedicated security experts are the best defense you’ll find against hacking.

The Drupal community is large and dedicated to improving the platform

Picture 3. The Drupal community is composed of conscientious developers who are committed to making Drupal the most powerful web development framework available.


Compared to other content management systems, there are no licensing or maintenance fees.

Namely, Drupal is an open source content management platform. That means you don’t have to pay to use this software and if you see that something is missing, you can edit it or request changes from other, more experienced members of the community.

Drupal is an open source that is completely free and will be forever available at no cost.

To be more precise, the open source aspect means that CMSs are an open book where users can view each other’s codes and assess the security of the codes. Thus the clean markup code out of the box makes it easy for developers to manage content publishing.

More opinions, more suggestions, more ideas, more value.

Can Drupal 8 Earn Your Love?

Drupal 8 has been released, tested and implemented. It’s the latest, greatest release of the world’s most widely used enterprise web CMS.

It’s fast and flexible.

Every built-in theme is responsively designed, thus creating content is easier. Likewise, one of its benefits is that you can easily modify graphics, menus, polls, and other tools through the much improved user-friendly interface.

Moreover, Drupal 8 is available in 100 languages, and its integration tools make it a great hub for complex ecosystems. Hence it taps into the concentrated innovation from its open-source community.

You can drive value and streamline your work with new capabilities for successful digital experiences. If your business is looking to establish a single website or a Drupal multisite, it’s fair to put Drupal 8 on your list of platforms to consider.

To Drupal or Not to Drupal?

Overall, there is almost no limit to what you can do with Drupal. It’s flexible and powerful. If used properly, you can create unique and effective solutions to meet your needs. It’s s ideal for large amounts of content to be organized and complex, highly customized sites that require scalability.

Therefore, give your website the much-needed customer service boost with Paldesk – Drupal live chat & help desk module.

Here’s a recap of its main advantages:

Ease of Installation. If Drupal is already installed it can be simple; otherwise, it requires a quite complex installation or a one-click install with a host.

Ease of Use. Also powerful, but not as easy unless users are already experienced with.

Search Engine Friendly. Extremely SEO-friendly!

Integration Ecosystem. Lots of integration, especially with social networking sites.

Cost to Maintain. Completely free aside from hosting fees.

Customizability. Very customizable, especially when looking for a system that extends beyond e-commerce thanks to the Drupal CMS.

Hosted vs. Self-Hosted. Self-hosted — more work, but more freedom.

Target Market. This platform works well for both individuals and corporations.


Increase sales using live chat!

Increase Sales using Live Chat

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