Why Is Technology Important for Productivity?

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In order to compete effectively with the fast-pacing world, everyone needs to be more innovative, efficient, and above all, highly productive. If you are an entrepreneur, the rising trend of remote workers makes it almost mandatory for you to invest in the best technology. Technology that optimally leverages the power of a remote workforce. Because when productivity and technology combine, great things happen. 

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Why Is Technology Important – Become More Productive by Leveraging Technology

Let’s discuss why is technology important for productivity through these 5 steps.

1. Enhancing the Organization

Proper organization minimizes waste of time in an office search for papers. Think of the minutes and hours wasted by secretaries when browsing through endless spreadsheets in search of important customer data. That time could be used more productively if a time-sensitive database management system was utilized. 

Thanks to technological advancement, there now are many time tracking software. They are based in the cloud, making it easy for on-the-road employees to record relevant data in real-time. By syncing and storing data in one place, it becomes easily accessible, enabling a seamless flow of important data.


Picture 1. Technology enables the seamless flow of important data

2. Increased Employee Availability

Technology has made it possible for people to work from home or any other secure place. Provided there is an internet connection available. That increases productivity in the sense that most people are more comfortable working away from the watchful and sometimes threatening eyes of the boss. As a matter of fact, almost half of the American-based employees say that they are motivated to work more when they work at home. Or when using their own devices (BYOD).


Picture 2. Think about switching to remote work to increase productivity

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In the same vein, technology increases productivity by reducing the amount of time wasted on the road, mostly for business meetings. That’s just one of the proofs why is technology important for productivity. Because you now can hold high-level meetings through video conferencing, so you remain in the office and continue working once the meeting is over.

3. Technology Motivates You to Work

Sometimes you will struggle with a lack of productivity without necessarily understanding the underlying contributors to that unfortunate problem. Well, if that’s the case, a life coach can help you get clarity regarding what is bothering you and come up with the right solutions. 

But even as you engage a coach, have you upgraded your technology?  It could be that slow or obsolete technology is slowing you down. Do you realize now why is technology important for productivity? On the flipside, fast internet connections and modern technology can motivate even the laziest workers to pull up their socks. Make a point of upgrading your computers’ hardware and software as regular as you can in order to get the motivation to work harder. 

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 4. Automated Customer Service

Of course, customer service plays a big role in the success of any business. It is the glue that holds a company and its customers for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

But for what it is worth, customer care can be a pain in the neck, especially for startup businesses. If you are a startup entrepreneur, then you probably double up as the CEO and customer care agent. That means having to deal with lengthy and frustrating phone calls on a constant basis.  That leads to overwhelming, as sometimes you aren’t able to give the customers the best experience. Also, having to waste too much time answering calls eats up too much of the time. The time you could have used to address the production or distribution concerns that customers raise.

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But there is hope in the growing integration of artificial intelligence in business. Chatbots, for example, are now able to answer as many FAQs as you program them to, with ease, grace, and unmatched accuracy. Also, you can use bots to order products, provide clients with tech support, and make hotel reservations, among many other responsibilities. All you need to do is invest in a good chatbot. Then you will be offloaded most of your customer care burden, freeing enough time for you to do more meaningful work.


Picture 3. Chatbot makes your work easier

5. Effortless Focused Marketing

For a long time, entrepreneurs have struggled with marketing strategies that are not only generic and shallow but also expensive and time-consuming. If you have to book and compete for billboards, newspaper ad spaces, and TV commercials for your products to sell, then you end up wasting most of your productive hours on not-so-productive ventures.

It gets sadder. How? When you realize that even after sacrificing all that time, your campaign is still not focusing or specializing enough to reach or appeal to the right audience.

With technology, you are able to place adverts in the right place, for the right people. Social media ads, for example, are focused and specialized, yet very effortless. Plus, these ads are way too cheap when you compare them to the old-school, unfocused TV and newspaper ads. Technology allows you to reach more customers and prospective customers without breaking the bank. So then you can repurpose the saved time and money to more productive functions.

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The Effect Of Technology On Productivity In Numbers

Undoubtedly, the impact of technology on productivity is immense. For obvious reasons, technology has positively affected employee productivity. And it is becoming a normal trend for most business owners to follow this path. Because after all, who wouldn’t want a healthy and productive work environment? Of course, in any company, there are factors that somehow hinder or percent workplace productivity. But on the other hand, there are a lot of technological tools and activities, that substantially boost the level of workplace productivity. To illustrate what we were discussing above, we have gathered some real-life examples of how technology has impacted productivity. And all these examples can help to understand even more why is technology important for productivity.

As globalization is gaining momentum, and technology-driven tools now enable teams to work remotely and with flexible hours, according to statistics, 64% of global business leaders said flexible working had a positive impact on productivity.

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Technology has simplified our lives. Wearable devices and mobile apps, which are available on our smartphones, make it possible for people to keep it in their pockets and be able to access in real-time all their work. According to Finances Online, 55% of retailers believe that technology can enhance productivity. Moreover, companies with robust online social networks record 7% better productivity than those without. In fact, in 2019, there were 204 billion apps downloaded, which equates to 30 apps for every man, woman, and child on the planet!

The good thing is that business owners have started recognizing the benefits and impact of technology. Around 87% of CIOs believe digitally empowering their employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over three years. That is because, digitally empowered employees, who are more engaged and satisfied can produce a better and higher quality of work which ultimately leads to higher revenues. For organizations that strive to remain competitive and get recognized, this is incredibly valuable.

Another valuable addition that most companies are introducing and has resulted beneficial is the encouragement of workplace collaboration. Around 63% of companies are adding small meeting rooms with collaboration technology. 56% are adding large conference rooms with collaboration technology. 51% are adding huddle spaces with collaboration technology to their workplaces. This has become a huge need for companies. Because, with evolving business culture, most employees work either remotely or partly, and the need for spaces where they can collaborate, and the network is important. 

Why Is Technology Important Again?

As you have probably seen up until now, there are several ways how technology can improve productivity. Again, this list is just a short introduction to the vast number of ways how you can experiment. And how you can use the power of technology for your company’s benefits. So feel free to start adapting the tools and benefits now, and revolutionize your company.

Albin Morgan is a young and ambitious coach who has been helping people with personal and professional development for the past 3 years. His passion is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the persons they want to be. He helps people make career choices that feel genuinely right for them. He usually helps the individual evaluate their background, curiosities, passions and training so that they can choose a job, business or type of further education that helps them be successful and fulfilled.

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