Why Do People Rather Text Than Talk?

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It has become common that people rather type on their phone than talk. Nowadays, people have a habit of texting everywhere and on any type of occasion – be it private or business. This change in habits happened largely due to increased use of social media networks, but also a change in lifestyles and habits. 

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When texting you have the freedom to answer at a time most convenient to you while a phone call isn’t so flexible. Nowadays we all lead hectic lifestyles and texting just fits better as it isn’t so disruptive as calls!

Research confirmes this as 75% of millennials would rather text than talk, and in this article, we’re exploring why. 

How Communication Functions Today

It is evident that in the last couple of years people have started to prefer texting over talking for a range of reasons which we’ll discuss in a second. Here are some statistics, which show clearly the way of communicating is changing. For example:

  • 4.2+ billion people around the world have the ability to send and receive messages via SMS. This is a drastic increase from the 1 billion mobile subscribers in 2003.
  • The number of monthly texts sent has increased by more than 7,700% over the last decade.
  • 47% of US smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their devices.
  • The average user will tap, swipe or click on their phone over 2000 times per day
  • Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than a phone, email, or Facebook (60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them=
  • SMS open rates are as high as 98%

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Texting vs calling

When we take mobile phones into concern, there are certain distinctions. Although voice calls were the initial reason why phones were made, nowadays they are not primarily used for that purpose. There are changes in the proportion of texting and voice calls. According to TextMagic:

  • US smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make and receive calls.
  • On average, Americans spend 26 minutes per day texting compared to 21 minutes per day calling.
  • Consumers in South Korea, India, Singapore, and the US prefer SMS over voice calls for customer service.
  • 3 out of 10 consumers would give up phone calls to use messaging.
  • Over 68% of consumers said they text more than they talk on their smartphones

Reasons Why People Prefer Texting

Before you do all the thinking about the ways you could adapt your marketing strategies to respond to the general popularity of texting, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why texting is so appealing to many.


Picture 1. Texting is the preferred form of communication among millennials


Have you ever heard of somebody “overhearing” texting? Of course, you didn’t, because that is not possible. Which is not the case when we talk about calls.

Texting is primarily a private communication channel and it is therefore appreciated in many social and business situations. Just imagine what would your bus ride to work in the morning look like if everybody talked on their phones! In this context it is also a matter of courtesy. Some things are better written, than said.

Greater Accessibility

It’s rather difficult to talk if there are a lot of background sounds involved. Texting is in that way immune to ambiance noise, weak cell network connections, or even technological problems like poor quality of speakers or microphones.

One huge plus point for texting is that it is also suitable for the hearing impaired. Next to numerous apps being produced for people with hearing loss, texting still plays a significant role in their communication.

Less Time-Consuming

One of the main reasons why people are more inclined to texting is that it gives them a kind of freedom that calling doesn’t. It allows them to answer at the most convenient time for them, not to mention the fact that it gives them time to think about their answers.

Also, texting encourages a shorter and more efficient exchange of information. Nowadays even this short form of communication is exchanged with abbreviations and emojis, so it is clear that this means of communication is all about transferring information as soon and as efficiently possible.

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Picture 2. Texting is considered to be less stressful

Less Stressful

When we talk about texting, there is significantly less pressure to respond immediately. On the other hand, if you don’t respond right away during a phone call, this could create „awkward silence“. In this way, texting provides you the time you need to form your message in the most appropriate or wanted way without pressure.

One more significant difference is that while texting you can’t hear the tone of voice of the person you are talking to. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. But though it may have some negative consequences, it also saves you from „disapproving tones“ that might add up to your stress levels. If phone calls stress you out, check out some tips that could help you to cope with live interaction better!


Typing a message requires just a part of your attention, it doesn’t require any additional preparations. In this way, it is doable along with anything else you intend on doing.

Having a means of communication that gives you such freedom makes texting a perfect fit for today’s hectic times. Especially because it can transfer and deliver a message regardless of the situation. This is one of the strongest reasons why more and more companies opt for SMS to communicate with their customers.

Finding Balance

Let’s face it- most of us love living by our schedules (and rules). This is the real reason why almost everybody is on the “texting side”. This type of communication allows us just that- being in our comfort zone while anybody who we didn’t have planned for the day is outside the communication bubble. We read the text at the time most convenient to us, send it when it/is convenient and the content we do send out is very curated.  Don’t get us wrong- you do you but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we do answer few unplanned calls. Right?

In the past (some) time we had to change up our worlds and the way we function and it is going to take us a bit to change them back. Maybe communication by phone is a way to go. It is a great starting point for face-to-face communication and we do not know about you, but we sure did miss all of your faces!

Type “a Conclusion”

Having all this in mind, texting is taking a bigger and bigger deal in everyday communications. It will grow in the future, not only in personal communication but also in advertising.

Research says that 48% people would prefer receiving brand updates via SMS. This doesn’t only prove the fact that it is still an extremely popular form of communication, it also acknowledges that SMS is here to stay for a very long time.

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