Team Leader

Who is a Team leader?

A team leader is a person who is in charge of a team. He provides guidance and leadership to groups and individuals. Therefore one of many of his tasks is monitoring the team both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

In Paldesk TL  is usually assigned with the Admin role to have access to reports, setups, and configurations. In customer service usually, lead teams of 5-10 agents. They make sure their team stay focused on customer needs and customers stay satisfied.

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Team leading example

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What are Team Leader responsibilities?

  1. First and foremost is to assemble a team with members that have a combination of skills required to accomplish a goal that is given.
  2. Defining and developing a compatible strategy by which team will work to reach the goal.
  3. Once the strategy is developed, it is time to assign tasks between your team members.
  4. Equally important, if not more is to determine completion deadline, as well as monitor the process and be sure that project is still on track.
  5. Gather the project information along the way and show the progress to upper-level managers.

What are the qualities of a Team leader?

To be efficient he must hold a diversity of qualities and characteristics that encourage his team members to listen and follow him. They naturally own certain qualities, such as compassion and integrity. His qualities inspire the trust and admiration of the team and stimulate production.

A great leader must be communicative and eloquent because his tasks include everyday communication. Moreover, he has to speak in a way that all of his team members understand him. There are a lot of other responsibilities that are crucial. Some of them include negotiation, delegation, kindness, being respectful to others. The most important is being confident in your team. A confident leader is confident in his team and its work.

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