Who is the Supervisor?

A supervisor is a role in a customer service department usually arranged with more rights and responsibilities than a regular agent. In Paldesk, they have the Admin role and they have access to reports, configurations, and setups.

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What’s the Difference Between a Manager and a Supervisor?

Two most important positions in an organization are Supervisor and a Manager. The success of a company depends on them. They guide the entire team of workers, achieving the goals of their business. Here are a few differences between them:

  • A manager is responsible for hiring people. A supervisor is present at job interviews and can recommend people.
  • A manager is the one who controls and administers the entire organization. Supervisors someone who is the leader in the first line management of the organization.
  • A manager is a person who manages the resources of the whole organization and the organization as well. A supervisor is someone who oversees the employees and regulates them to work assigned to them.
  • A manager is a top position in middle-level management. A supervisor is a top position in lower level management.
  • A manager is responsible for people. A supervisor is responsible for people working under him and their activities.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities

Picture 1. Supervisor responsibilites

Beside these four responsibilities shown on pictures, here are few more:

  • Setting goals for performance and deadlines that apply to the company’s plans
  • Ensuring that employees understand what their tasks are and how to solve them
  • Tracking employee productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching
  • Train their employees or ensure they are properly trained for specific roles they have
  • Sharing financial results and company updates with team members
  • Identifying and resolving workplace problems
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