Customer Service Manager

Who is Customer Service Manager?

A customer service manager is a person responsible for the customer service department. His responsibilities are setting strategies, tasks, service policies and standards, leading and motivating the customer service staff.

Customer service managers have to lead customer representatives to provide the best support. They work closely with the customer service team to build loyal customer relationships and to spread general knowledge about products and services. They also analyze data, make reports and have various financial responsibilities. Consequently, it’s their job to be IT skilled, friendly and able to work under pressure.

Who is customer service manager

Customer Service Manager Duties

The job of a CSM is no easy one, as he’s in charge of everything customer related. His primary mission is to oversee the retention of customers and to bring extra value to the brand. This is done by gathering relevant feedback from employees which relate to customer wishes and problems. Consequently, this also means implementing changes which improve the overall quality of the service offered.  Let’s go through some customer service manager duties in order to better understand the position requirements.

  • maintain a positive relationship with customers
  • hiring and training the customer support team
  • setting support team goals and monitoring progress
  • setting the voice of the customer
  • handling serious customer support issues

Quite unreplaceable, a CSM represents and further develops the values a business is trying to impress onto its customers. In many ways, his success is directly tied to that of a business. This flexible role can fit into a variety of work environments, depending on the industry.


What are the duties of a Customer Service Manager?
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