Brand Advocate

Who Is a Brand Advocate?

Brand advocates are loyal customers who elevate and promote brands through word of mouth marketing. In recent years it is proven that brand advocates play a huge role in brand authenticity, social proof and are essential to business growth.

Also, they leave reviews about products, create content on your behalf, refer a new customer.  

Brand advocate

Who Can Be a Brand Advocate?

Anyone cheering for your brand and supports business growth can be considered.

This includes:

  • Influencers: Extend your business reach using social networks provided by influencers
  • Business partners: Think of anything (or anyone) that can help influence the purchasing decision of your target audience. This can be organizations and charities, schools, colleges, etc.
  • Employees: Inside knowledge of your product or a service maker employees powerful marketing tools.
  • Customers: Having customers as a brand advocates make your company more authentic and genuine to your future clients.  

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