Growth Hacker

Who is a Growth Hacker?

Growth hacking is a term first coined by Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, in 2010. At the time he was in search of a person who had the knowledge of tech, marketing, product development and data with a clear focus on growth. And this is a great summary of what a growth hacker actually does.

A growth hacker is a person who uses low cost and creaitve strategies to reach and retain new customers. Since they primarily use such strategies to ensure growth, growth hackers tend to be a vital part of many early-age startups.

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But their role is not only reserved for companies like that. A growth hacker can be included in the company’s operations at any stage if nothing else to help it gain an additional boost.

Who is a growth hacker

Picture 1. A growth hacker makes sure a company gets and retains customers

Responsibilities and Requirements

Growth hacker’s responsibilities are primarily:
– Choosing the right KPIs/metrics to focus on
– A/B testing
– Conducting a thorough analysis of all processes and feedbacks
– Working closely with marketing, product and top management departments
– Optimizing channels
– Using the entire Pirate funnel
– Driving traffic to the website and social media

A set of responsibilities like these, requires a person interested and apt in many different areas. A good growth hacker needs to be a bit of a data-geek on the one side and be super social and understand users’ behaviors on the other.

This person needs to have technical, editing and copywriting skills, knowledge of inbound and outbound marketing and a curious and creative character.

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How does Growth Hacking Work?

There isn’t a unique recipe that would work for every company. Growth hacking is about figuring out when and how a company grows and to pursue this growth through a set of deeply-analyzed processes.

Whichever scenario works for a company, the important thing is to get traffic and visitors, turn them into customers and retain them as ambassadors. And of course – to deeply understand each part of these processes.

What Benefit Does a Growth Hacker Bring?

A good growth hacker will give you all the necessary details you need in order to make your project effective. They will do the planning and auditing and single out the most effective channels you need to focus on to increase your revenue. Also, they will establish tools for measuring success, set goals and milestones and they will help you see what are the best ways to reach your customers.

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