End Users

Who are End Users?

End users are the people who generate support requests from any of the available support channels. The end user in terms of customers can be either a person or an organization. They, however, don’t have access to any of the administrator and agent features.

How they interact with you depends first on how you’ve defined public access as well as the support channels you’ve provided. You can provide either open or closed support. Also, their ticket comments can never be private. That means they can only submit and track tickets and communicate with agents publicly.

Who are end users?

What is the End User License Agreement (EULA)? 

A very important part of every SaaS company is the End User License Agreement – EULA. Most simply explained, EULA is a legal agreement between the authors of software application and the user. In these terms, the user agrees to pay a certain amount of money for using the software. At the same time, the user promises to follow the rules and restrictions stated in the EULA.  Users can refuse to comply with the EULA agreement by returning the software product for a refund or clicking “I do not accept” when prompted to accept the EULA during an install.

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