New feature: WhatsApp via Twilio


Marija Šakić

Customer Success Manager

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With over 1.5 BILLION users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app on the planet, and connecting it to your Paldesk account will drastically increase your reach and accessibility! While we already support WhatsApp as an external channel, due to popular demand, we now offer a direct integration via Twilio!

To set up a direct integration, you’ll need a Twilio number that’s approved by WhatsApp and a Paldesk account on the Rising Star plan. Follow these steps to configure your new WhatsApp via Twilio integration and get even closer to your visitors and customers!

This direct integration will allow your customers to send images, voice messages, and attachments to your WhatsApp business number. All messages will be forwarded to your Paldesk account, and your team will be able to reply directly from there!

WhatsApp feature announcement

Image 1. New WhatsApp via Twilio message

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