What is Whitelist?

A whitelist in computing is used to allow logins to the system from specific IP addresses or IP address ranges only. Depending on your company security policies, you can restrict your users such as agents, admins, and owners to log on to the account only from the company IP address.

A whitelist on the internet refers to a list of trusted websites that can display ads freely. Any website that displays ads can be a target for ad-blocking programs, which is why sites employ users to give them permission to display ads. In other words, users can choose to whitelist a certain website or not. 

What is whitelist?

How to Whitelist a Website?

Some websites on the internet require you to whitelist them in order to effectively display ads. Advertisement is the main source of income for a vast majority of websites, which is why whitelisting is so important. If you’re using Adblock or similar software, let’s explore a few simple steps to whitelist any website.

1. Open your browser.

2. Open the addon section and open the Adblock or similar software options.

3. From the menu select “Don’t run on pages for this domain” or similar.

4. If a prompt window appears, click on exclude or similar.

Just like that, the entire domain now displays ads without interruption.


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