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What is Web Helpdesk?

Web helpdesk (WHD), is a technology that provides a help desk – ticketing system and management. It allows users to make their customer service easier with ticketing. All communication is stored in tickets that are managed from agents. It also offers knowledge management, feedback reviews for users and much more.

All configuration is available to users straight from the web browser but also from desktop and mobile apps. Users just need a web browser to run a web help desk or install the application.

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Web Helpdesk & Ticketing System for Business

With Paldesk, you can easily manage your tickets with the ticketing system. There is a lot of features that can help you to manage your tickets with ease.

A lot of companies with agents struggle with customers’ issues and have no control over them. With the ticketing system, you can have a helicopter overview and provide the best customer service for your customers.

Sometimes, small companies or organizations grow faster and have more customers, which can lead to agent burnout. Here is the list of features that can help your customer service to manage your tickets.

9 Top features in Paldesk Ticketing System

  1. Ticket tracking
  2. Tags
  3. Ticket Assign
  4. Notes
  5. Analytics and reports
  6. Knowledge Base
  7. Signatures
  8. Predefined Answers
  9. Ticket Status

Learn more about ticketing system in Paldesk and how we managed and solved tickets and convert our visitors into leads.

paldesk-web -helpdesk-ticketing-system

Picture 2. Paldesk proactive ticketing system

3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Web Helpdesk

1. Simplicity

The real goal for you and everybody else in customer service is to eliminate the gap between a customer having a problem and them obtaining it fixed. You would like this process as painless as possible, for them, you, and also the company at large. When this happens, everyone wins.

2. Productivity

Easily one of the most significant advantages of this type of customer support system is the ability to take correct notes and information and share it all with everyone on the team. It’s such a simple thing, but it raises your performance significantly.

3. Accessibility

With smartphone and tablet support, web-primarily based helpdesk solutions are the manner for customers to get what they want and when they need it. They can immediately analyze their issue on your faq or support portal no matter where they are.


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