Voice Search

What is Voice Search? 

Speech recognition technology that allows users to perform searches using voice rather than typing is called voice search. Known also as voice-enabled search, this type of technology allows users to perform actions using voice command using software applications. Often interactive, these searches involve rounds of interactions that allow the software to clarify the user request.

Voice search definition

Numbers behind the trend

By now, all Big Five tech companies (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook) have developed voice-enabled AI assistants that are already been widely used.  

Statistics from 2015 show that in only one year, search on Google Now, Siri and Cortana have jumped from zero to 10% of overall search volume globally. That’s the overall of 50 billion searches a month!

In 2017 the most popular search of this kind was to play music, while in 2018 over 40 percent of users ask their voice assistant for directions.

SEO benefits

Voice search is ranking high on the list of marketing trends for the next few years and it is essential to brands who want to stay ahead of the game. Here is how to make this technology work in your SEO favor:

  1. FAQ. Monitor current SEO efforts of how and if your target audience prefers voice search over type search. Identify and provide content in a form that meets the needs of your target audience. Discover and answer the most frequent questions/needs and be the best answer.
  2. Keywords. Identify high-intent keywords producing content with “who, what, when, where, why, how” questions. Optimize your website content in a way that it allows you to ensure your brand will be found in the changing SERPs.
  3. NLP. These intelligent agents use all sorts of data ranging from semantics, search history, and user interests to behaviors in order to provide the best results. Update your on-page SEO for conversational and natural language.
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