Voice of customer

What is Voice of Customer?

The most used definition for VoC is that it’s a term which describes your customer’s feedback about their experiences and expectations about your products or services. It focuses on customer needs and expectations in order to do further improvements to your products.

VoC programs have gained in popularity over the years and are fast-growing segments of business strategies for organizations. They show great results for companies, as customers demand more direct engagement with organizations. They also capture crucial customer feedback which is important for further acts on the companies behalf.

Voice of customer

Picture 1.Voice of Customer


Why does VoC matter?

It has been proven that this kind of programs help organizations to build better products and deliver better services, all that due to feedback. The feedback that we get from our customers shows us the crucial mistakes that we make and in which areas we should change. VoC studies consist of quantitative and qualitative research steps, which take place with a new product launch.

There are many ways to conduct research in order to get the information that you need. Some of them are focus groups and individual interviews. This part is important for product developers, who need to be involved in the process. They are important for defining and designing questions for the research as well as analyzing gathered information after.

Understanding the wants of your customers and gathering pieces of information and feedback has helped countless organizations to become industry leaders.



Listen to Customer Voice

Picture 2. Listen to Customer Voice

 How to develop a VoC program?

To begin with, companies who want a VoC program to be successful most follow some rules. The first thing which requires attention is defining the issues. Defining the issues helps us to align our program to it. It also helps us set clear objectives and success criteria. Next thing that needs the care of is design. Good designed VoC will bring strategic and tactical benefits. In this part, an organization can plan a scalable program which can include all types of promotion, like giving out free samples, etc.

Third and maybe the most important. Listen. Ultimately listening to the feedback will help you analyze the results and help you act on it.


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