Virtual Customer Service

What is Virtual Customer Service?

Virtual customer support, also known as a virtual agent, virtual rep or a chatbot is a term coined to describe an AI-powered program that provides automated customer support or service. In some cases, virtual customer support can refer to gig economy customer support agents working remotely.

AI-powered customer service

In recent years, virtual agent software has improved with the advancement in AI and cognitive computing programs. Current technology allows virtual customer care agents to go beyond interactive voice response (IVR).

Nowadays, virtual customer care agents understand customer intent and can provide personalized answers to customer inquiries in an almost human manner.

Virtual customer care agents typically use email or live chat on corporate websites to communicate with customers. Still, most companies use virtual customer care agents to handle highly repeatable tasks. For complicated tasks, live customer care agents are still required.

Virtual customer care for automated requests

In customer relationship management (CRM) software options, most companies use virtual customer service agents to provide 24/7 customer service. Some of the most prominent examples of virtual customer care usage is answering questions on accounts, password help, providing recommendations or following up on sales and marketing leads via email.

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