What is Ticketing?

As many think of classic tickets when they hear about it, they get it wrong because this kind is a bit different. We are not talking about cinema tickets, in fact, there are a lot more helpful than those. In this sense of the word, it is a process of transforming all incoming communication into your helpdesk software into tickets. It is used for easier management of incoming inquiries. Social media, Emails and many other channels can easily get clogged with information. Therefore, this kind of software is trying to solve that problem.

No matter how many inquiries you get from those channels, the system will sort them accordingly.

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What is ticketing software

1. Paldesk ticket system 

Although it is often used as a term in ICT technology, it’s also used in every organization that cares about its costumers.  Companies using this kind of systems can easily and in a quick manner solve their customers’ problems. It is a simpler method than solving customer issues through emails. In other words, customer service staff can work more efficiently and deliver better quality service. It also helps prioritize important tasks, so they can be managed first. This software stores all customer requests in one place.The ticket can be about user request, general info, report of an incident or request for change.

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