Ticket Transfer

What is Ticket Transfer?

To better understand what ticket transfer is, it’s important to clear out what tickets really are. Tickets in the ICT industry are representing something that requires  attention  or something that needs solving. It is accepted term for the interaction between customers and providers of the service. Therefore to have good customer support it is a necessity to have good ticketing software. How does it apply on Paldesk?

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Tickets can be transferred or reassigned between agents or groups. By default, all new tickets belong to the agent who is assigned and accepted the conversation. If you create more groups and add more agents you can select from a dropdown menu to transfer or reassign ticket ownership. With this in mind, ticket owner can disperse tasks that are given to him.

Ticket transfer

Picture 1. Ticket transfer overview

The ticket overview shows all details needed, it gives space for adding new notes, tags and make other changes. The important thing to mention is that you see tickets as well as activity and their current status.


Ticket status can be:

  • Created
  • Opened
  • Closed
  • In progress
  • Closed resolved
  • Pending
  • Closed unresolved
Ticket transfer-Paldesk

Picture 2. Ticket status

To sum up, does it make a difference?  Of course. E-mails, although still used, don’t give the best solution when customer support is needed. Moreover, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to divide tasks that you are currently working on. Ticket transfer helps agents distribute their work to other agents or groups, which makes their job a lot easier.

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