Ticket System

What is a Ticket System?

A ticket system is a conversion tool containing a shared inbox of social media, mailbox or live chat for tasks from customers. All messages automatically transform into the tickets. So for example, if you send a message on Facebook, it will automatically become a ticket in the system.In addition tickets are saved at one place so customer support agent doesn’t miss any of the tasks. Accordingly, agents can see if a ticket isin  process of  opening, in progress, or solving. Tickets can be transferred or reassigned between agents or groups. By default, all new tickets belong to the agent who is assigned and accepted the conversation. 

Therefore a ticketing system allows IT support to be organized, focused, productive, and effective. It is a practical way to take care of your customers accordingly. A ticketing system allows prioritization as well as collaboration with your employees rather than working isolated.

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Ticket system conversion

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To summarize it is a great product that can set you apart in an industry, but it’s the additional features that can place you over the rivals. No matter what your industry or support needs are, ticketing systems helps everyone involved. Although this may be true, many still use older methods. Using email rather than ticketing system can be productive when you don’t have that many customers. However if a number of your consumers’ increases, you should consider trying ticketing rather than email.


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