Software Agent

What is a Software Agent?

A software agent is a piece of software that works as an agent for a user or another program, working autonomously in a particular environment. It is inhibited by other processes and agents but is also able to learn from its experience.

Agents are artificial entities that can be used for simulation, modeling, and other regulatory mechanisms. The generated agent or “body” may be an autonomous agent and may be placed in an environment. Body and environment can be the result of computer simulation, but it can also be a robot that is under the control of the network.

An essential feature is that the agent not only processes input signals, but also the back can also affect the environment and detects the result of its activity through sensors.
Therefore, you can continuously get feedback as with live systems. Agents are thus technical-intellectual achievements in imitation of life phenomena.



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Software Agent was last modified: May 9th, 2019 by Mirjana
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