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Returning Customer Definition

The ultimate goal for every entrepreneur and business are loyal, returning customers. Different from repeat customers, return customers will have made a purchase and interacted with your company once before and have come back to do so again.

The value of a returning customer is essential to brands. That is the final frontier proving that brands are going in the direction that fits the target audience. Take for example Apple with their fandom waiting in line for each new iPhone edition.

Having the support and loyalty of your customers should mean the world to you. In this day and age, when the business number is all-time high- loyal, returning customers are hard to find. And even harder to keep.  We’ve prepared few tips for you to help you foster a relationship with them!

Learn how to Take Advantage of Returning Customers.


3 Ways to Encourage Returning Customers

Forster the Loyalty

In order to keep your loyal customers close to your brand, it is OK to “bribe” them once in a while with a reward or an extra discount. Customers that shop once from a designated place, have a 27% chance of making a second purchase. At the same time, customers who have reached fourth purchase have 59% of chance to come back.  

Having that said, offers like 35% off on your second purchase might help bring a value-minded user back to your website.

Remind Them About your Brand

Adored by advertisers worldwide, brand recall refers to the consumer’s ability to recognize and associate products with a brand once the ad message is received.

Another great way to boost brand recognition (other than advertising) and keep your customers hungry is by designing great product packaging. Having a fun package for your product will make your brand stand out and will be a constant reminder of brand presence in the life of a customer.

Other than that, you can actively engage with users by reaching out to ask about their shopping experience. Gather feedback about your product or service and get your customers involved in marketing research. It will help you grow and also, it will show your customers that you care about their opinion! Even more so if you decide to implement some of the ideas in your work processes!

Amazing Customer Care

The deal-breaker for most of the customers and the main element that divides good brands from the extraordinary ones is the customer care effort! According to SuperOffice, 86% of people are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Having that in mind, it is essential to go the extra mile when it comes to user experience and the level of help you provide to your customers.


Returning Customer Spend 67% More Than a New Customer

It is known that in business that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than to attract a new one.

Acquiring new customer cost 5 to 10 x  more than selling to a current customer. Knowing that it is essential o say that existing customer will spend 67% more on average than those whoa re new in your business.

That is why customer service needs to be in focus in every business and keep their customers happy and satisfied.

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