What Is The Queue?

The queue is the list of messages that your support staff receive in “Unassigned”. A customer can contact via live chat, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc., for issues that they are reporting. All the messages will show in the queue (unassigned). The support team of an organization mostly spends time in the Unassigned to help their customers by solving the problems they are encountering.

It is also possible to assign the queue for specific agents. For example, when you accept the conversation you can forward this conversation to the agent who has better knowledge in the area of customers inquiry.

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Basic features of Queue

According to Studytonight, there are four main features:

  • A queue is also an ordered list of elements of similar data types.
  • It is a FIFO( First in First Out ) structure.
  • Once a new element is inserted into, all the elements inserted before the new element in the queue must be removed, to remove the new element.
  • Peek () function is often used to return the value of the first element without dequeuing it.

Queue Data Structure

The queue in a data structure is one of the basic data structures in computer science. There are two processes in this data structure. Enqueues is the first and it is a process of adding an element into queue. The second one is Dequeue and it is a process of removal.

Let’s explain those processes. So, once you insert something into the data structure, a new component is added at the end of it. And on the other side, when you remove something out of data structure, that component at the front is given to you.

So, the elements will come out in the order they are entered. That is called a First Come First Out (FIFO) structure.

Queue data structure

Picture 1. Queue data structure

Queue Management

TaskUs defined it well: „It is the process of managing and optimizes queues to improve end-user waiting times and teammate productivity.“

To put it differently, it is an approach used to develop more efficient systems that can reduce customer waiting times. We can certainly say that the two main benefits of this process is efficiency and improving services.

By reducing waiting times and keeping your customer engaged, you are definitely on a good way to improve the whole process. Because first, the goal is definitely to increase the number of customers that can be served. And second, to improve customer satisfaction in the whole process.

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