Quality of service (QoS)

What is Quality of Service?

The term describes a set of technologies designed to manage data traffic, ensuring seamless traffic flow on limited network capacity. Quality of service (QoS) technologies accomplish these tasks by providing differentiated handling and capacity allocation to the specific flows in the network traffic.

The measurement techniques used to define the QoS are bandwidth (throughput), latency (delay), jitter (variance in latency), and error rate.

The main role of the QoS is to manage network resources by setting the right priorities for specific types of data on the network. QoS comes as a particularly important to high-bandwidth, real-time traffic such as video-on-demand, video conferencing and voice over (VOIP) that have a high tendency to jitter and latency.

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Quality of service (QoS) was last modified: May 9th, 2019 by Milica Vujasin
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