What is Native-Advertising?

Native ads are any type of sponsored content that meets the form and function of the user experience. Today, they can be found anywhere, from your social media channels to your favorite publisher’s website.  

Whether on-site or in-app, those advertisements fit seamlessly into UX and are more contextual than other forms of digital advertising. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb across the top of the web, native ads mimic the look and feel of the medium and its content, making it more trustworthy.

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What is native advertising

Three pillars of native advertising

Let’s unpack three main principles of good practice in native advertising:


Working on a principle pay to play, brands pay to place their native content on different platforms outside their owned media properties.


Rather than product based, content should be interesting, fun, highly targeted and useful to the target audience and to the media channel!


Native advertising content is delivered in a way that does not disrupt the user’s experience of the platform or the media itself.

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