Localization Strategy

What is a Localization Strategy?

It is a set of procedures a company does in order to adapt their product/service, page or app to a specific market. When a company goes global or spreads to a foreign market, it is necessary to rethink how existing marketing strategies function on a larger scale. Every country has their specific culture, purchasing habits, customer behavior and preferences. In order to succeed it’s vital to provide them with a customer experience, which feels comfortable and familiar. Localization strategy includes all changes you need to make in tone, subject matters, visual presentations, social media campaigns etc. in order to crate a connection with the local customers.

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By addressing location-based problems and talking to your customers in their language you have a high chance of increasing your conversion rates. However, there are a few things you can do before digging into specific local market and adjusting to it, in order to make your content more universal.

  • Develop multi-cultural buyer personas and focus your marketing in that direction
  • Use the type of language that functions on multiple markets
  • Focus on universal human experiences, which many people can relate to
What is a localization strategy

Picture 1. What is a localization strategy?

How to Improve Your Localization Strategy?

1. Go Local

There isn’t a better person to understand the needs of a certain culture than their locals. So, when you start planning on expanding your business on foreign markets, include local experts in the process. In this way, you will be sure that you will be able to provide a more accurate and localized experience for your users. They will provide solutions, which will be in compliance with the market you’re trying to enter.

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2. Being Outstanding is the Key

Despite the fact that your brand may have developed a strong and positive reputation in your home country, entering a foreign market takes you right back at the beginning. First impressions can mean the world, so do your best to make it amazing. Define and communicate clearly what your brand is about and spread the message fully adapted to the local market. A great part of the localization strategy is communication, so make sure your translation is outstanding and fits perfectly into the local culture.

3. Spread Your Horizons

Spreading your business to foreign markets is something to be considered within your complete brand marketing strategy. As your company and localization strategy evolves, so should your general marketing approach change. From the moment your company moves up to an international language, your brand marketing should change in order to establish itself on an international level.

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