IT Ticketing System

What is IT Ticketing System?

IT Ticketing System is a part of the help desk service that allows organizations and companies to resolve their internal IT support inquiries by streamlining the resolution process. IT ticket gives a context of what the issue is, following the data regarding the priority, category and other important detail regarding the problem-solving process. This kind of system allows companies to keep track of the problem-solving process for better strategy and business planning. 

The role of the IT ticketing system is to convert all requests coming from various channels into tickets, serving as a hub between users and service providers. 

IT ticketing system and functionality

IT Ticketing System functionality

At its core, there is a variety of IT ticketing software available on the market today. Software like this can be a stand-alone app, part of the more complex helpdesk system or ITSM (IT Service Management) platform. Depending on company preferences, you can choose to implement on-premise or cloud service software. 

Some of the most common IT Ticketing System functionalities are the following:

  • A central archive for ticket repository
  • Ticket creation via e-mail to a pre-defined alias
  • Automated responses for successful ticket creation
  • Reporting and analytics data
  • Ticket status and ID visibility
  • Communication tracking (chat history..)
  • Notes & tags 
  • Knowledge base 



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