Instant Chat

What is Instant Chat?

Instant chat is a sort of online chat all over the Internet. It means that you can instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. Usually, it is an exchange of messages between just two people, not a group of people.

Instant chat is also known as IM and it requires the special IM software. People can chat through computers, phones or other devices. The software allows user to chat or to see other online users.

Some instant chat software allows users to send clickable hyperlinks, video chat or some other files.

Customer Relations: Consistency of Service

Customers want to know that they can rely on a business to be the same, wherever they go. If, for example, a hotel chain advertises complementary car-side service, then patrons will expect that to be a policy at all hotels under the same chain. Some people may even choose to use that organization because they have come to rely on a particular aspect of it.


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