Helpdesk Software On-Premise

What is Helpdesk Software On-Premise?

On-Premise Helpdesk Software is a software with a prebuilt infrastructure, ready to be deployed on a host server. It offers flexibility and complete freedom when configuring, and allows adding new features or changing existing ones at any point in time.

It’s also more secure than it’s alternatives, allowing you to save time and control your data.

Downsides of an On-Premise Solution


When you work with an on-premise helpdesk software, it may give you more control, but it can also slow you down. A lot. Every time there’s a new update, the whole system usually needs to be shut down for a while in order to apply it, which causes delays and affects the productivity of workers.


Gone are the days when customer service had “normal” working hours. More and more companies offer support 24/7 in order to increase custommer satisfaction. This may be a problem if you have an on-premise helpdesk software which can be accessed only from the office (meaning during working hours).


Every company invests a lot in IT security, and when you own an on-premise helpdesk solution these costs are only higher since you need a team of people wrking on it.

The security however is in no way greater than that of a hosted helpdesk which runs on cloud. The cloud prevents attacks and it doesn’t need a team for monitoring, which is a great way to cut your expenses.

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