What is Gamification?

Derived out of the game industry, gamification is the craft of game mechanics integration into literally anything. Brands gamify their products, services, websites, and social media, in order to invoke users to participate and engage with a product or a service more genuinely. 

In 2014 Gartner sought to redefine gamification. Here is what they landed on: Gamification is ‘’the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”.

The ultimate goal of gamification is to make a service or a product more appealing and more interactive for users. In order to provide such an experience, gamification is connected to numerous psychology theories which involve triggers and biases to impact the behavior of the target audience/users.

Some of the frequent game elements used in product and service gamification are points, badges, leaderboards, progress bars, etc.

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Gamification in Digital World 

Gamification, as is, can be a very a powerful part of digital marketing strategy. The main advantage of gamification marketing strategy is that they simply drive motivation for user engagement. Emphasize your digital content with the game alike features to drive better engagement from your users. This way users will have the opportunity to engage with brands! On the other hand, marketers have the opportunity to drive specific behaviors and motivate players to perform tasks which require a lot of effort or time. 

When to Use Gamification? 

In theory, gamification can be used to accomplish numerous goals related to learning. It is especially effective when it is used to encourage learners to progress through learning content, motivate action and drive the innovation. 


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