What is Fish! Philosophy?

Fish! Philosophy was created in 1997 by John Christensen. He was amazed by the way fish sellers were having fun during their work time.
To his surprise, they were happy, shouting and agitating trout and salmon through the air, just behind their customer’s heads!

They were also giving their customers plenty of attention, ensuring that their visit would be pleasant.

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An interesting thing about the fish sellers job was that it absolutely was exhausting and repetitive, and however, sellers were ready to find joy in their work and sell plenty of fish.
John Christensen noticed that there are four core practices everyone could implement in their work and life. He called it the Fish! Philosophy.

4 Core Principles

1. Choose Your Attitude

A positive perspective is our choice. We will hate our job and dislike every hour we’ve got to spend there, or we can accept it with all our responsibilities and check out to find joy in working there. Draw your inspiration from fish! philosophy. Fish sellers do it best!

As long as you can not control the external events, you still will control your happiness. So, rather than working and not feeling happy about it, you can attempt to select a positive perspective and find pleasure in your job.


Picture 1. A positive attitude can change just about anything

2. Be There

Be there it’s about being focused on the current moment. Focus on the task you’re doing, focus on an individual you’re trying to assist, don’t fly away along with your thoughts from where you are currently. This also refers to working with your colleagues attentively.

3. Make Their Day

If you do something special for your customers or colleagues, you can be sure that the next time someone will do something good for you. And “special” doesn’t have to be a big thing. You can start from being kind, smiling and listening with interest. You may not be aware of it, but by showing genuine kindness you’re opening many doors right from the start.


Picture 2. Do something special for your team or customers

4. Play

This advice might sound controversial (especially for bosses) but work can also be a source of great fun. As long as you find the pleasure in coming to your work, you’ll have more enthusiasm, energy and you will be avid to do your best.

Live fish! philosophy! 

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