What is Exclusivity?

According to dictionaries exclusivity is the state of being limited or hard to access. Apart from being primarily associated with psychology and law, exclusivity is a concept used in marketing as well. And in this case, similar to the initial definition, it is a time-proven concept, which makes the consumers feel like they are a part of something special.

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Something that is available only to a selected/chosen few, and they are lucky enough to be in this group. In other words, you make a group of your consumers feel really special, “chosen”, limit your offer and you directly influence their willingness to buy it.

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How to Use Exclusivity in Marketing?

This marketing principle is based primarily on the fact that the offer is not available to everybody. The customers you are talking to has to get the feeling that they are the lucky ones who have got a chance to use the offer you have.

So, in order to use exclusivity in the right way, think about these steps:

1. Highlight That it is Only for a Selected Group

In order to make your offer exclusive right from the start, don’t forget to mention that in your copy. Think of a clear statement that will let your selected audience know they’re special to you (and why). To seal the deal even faster, you might also add an expiry date to your offer. Exclusivity makes people feel more curious and act out of the mere FOMO (fear of missing out).

2. Create a Waiting List

A waiting list asking for your customers’ emails will give you an opportunity to create a great remarketing campaign with a similar offer. It’s a lot easier to create a campaign when you’ve got the main thing sorted out – a well-defined group of people with clear preferences.

3. Personalize

In order to make your message reach your target audience on a larger scale, think about details you can include in the message. It’s not only about making an offer seem scarce or designed especially for a certain group. To increase the sense of exclusivity, think of certain criteria that need to be fulfilled in order for a certain customer to get access to your limited offer. Those criteria can be anything you want – specific location, demographic criteria, people who own xy cars, dog/cat owners, etc.). A highly personalized message speaks directly to the customer and increases their wish to continue reading and maybe give your product/service a chance.

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What are the Benefits?

Using exclusivity in marketing has numerous benefits for a company. First of all, it gives a certain brand an opportunity to single out a certain group of its most valuable customers and reward them with a special offer. This is a virtual “thank you note”, which can further increase their loyalty.

Creating exclusive offers can help you in the segmentation of your audience. Especially in the aftermath. You can create thorough remarketing strategies with the information you gain.

Creating a sense of exclusivity has one more obvious benefit – it can make people more likely to buy a certain product/service. This may be especially useful if you have something new to offer and are lacking some good reviews in order to get the sales going.


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