Customer Service Training

What is Customer Service Training?

Customer service training or CST is an activity of teaching customer support personnel on how to use positive language, respond with value or communicate in a crisis. Excellent customer support is key for satisfied customers.

Training includes some new skills or information about products or services in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The goal is to make customer representatives more professional and trained. It can also help business increase sales, revenues and reduce cost.

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What is customer service training

How to build in customer service to your company culture

New brands are emerging each day and it’s getting harder to win hearts (and loyalty) of customers. Having in mind that customer service is rising to become a key differentiator between companies, it is of utmost importance to implement customer service into the company culture.

In the age of the omnichannel, every employee should be involved in customer care. Why is that? Customer service agents are the voice of a brand providing customers with key insights into building new features (product), messaging (marketing), and customer buying persona (sales).

In those manners, customer support teams should know:

  • What are the new product features in the production pipeline (product)?
  • Messaging and description for the current features (marketing)?
  • In which cases, a customer should be offered a new product to solve a problem (sales)?

To keep their customers happy, companies have a different approach to Customer Care culture. But one of the most important ones is customer care training for each and every one of their employees.

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