Customer Service Center

What is a Customer Service Center?

Known as a contact center, customer service center is a part of the company dealing with customer interaction and customer satisfaction. Consisted out of customer care agents, their role is to keep the conversation between the companies and customers in good manners. They play an important role in customer relationship management.

Companies nowadays have the ability either to outsource customer care center or host it internally, as a part of their business. Typically, a customer service center handles all sorts of communication – emails, live chat, calls, and related channels.

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What is customer service center?

Customer Service Center Types

There are several different types of customer service centers, depending on their area of expertise. They are usually divided by the channel of communication used and can also offer mixed services. Let’s explore the different types of service centers below. 

Customer service call center

Deals in communication with customers over the telephone.

Customer service email center 

Deals with all inquiries that arrive via email, letters or fax.

Customer service live chat center

Deals with inquiries over live chat and social channels. 

The role of a service center for a business is defined by its customer relationship strategy.

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