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What is a Customer Portal?

The customer side of the helpdesk, omnichannel or customer support software of any kind, is called customer portal. Many of customer portals are consisted of the knowledge base, community forum and create/check the ticket status.

Not all companies have the customer portal, but setting up one can be of use to your support teams. When your customer has a problem, they can dig and look for solutions by themselves, before reaching out to you. This way, customer care agents will not have to spend time answering repetitive questions over and over again. Your ticket volume will decree and your agent will have more time to solve more complex customer pain points.

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What is a customer portal?

The Importance of Having a Customer Portal

A lot has changed in the customer support industry. There’s an increasing trend of customers that want to solve their service issues alone, instead of waiting for an agent’s assistance. This inspired the rise of customer portals, a one-stop shop for everyone that willing to their own problem-solving. Let’s explore 3 reasons why you should consider creating a customer portal.

Customer self-service is becoming a trend

According to Microsoft, customer expectations have changed over the years. An increasing number of customer expect businesses to provide them with a way to troubleshoot or solve their own issues. This changes the support industry quite a bit, as customer service portals aren’t just a passing trend – they’re becoming a necessity. After all, creating a place where customers can find answers to their questions or issues has become the pillar of great customer support across all available channels.

A fully immersive customer experience approach

Some issues aren’t as simple, and can’t be solved right away. However, customer portals give out a sense of control over an issue. Moreover, they enable a customer to get familiar with the issues at hand. This comes in handy when it comes to solving problems quickly and without any extra fuss. In addition to everything mentioned, it’s a great idea to implement live chat as a support channel for these specific kinds of issues. Letting customers know they can chat if needed at any time goes a long way to a fully immersive online experience.

Reduced workload and increased productivity

Support agents often work hard and are swamped with different kinds of requests. Some of them may be trivial, however, answering them still takes time. That’s where a customer portal comes in handy, it reduces the workload of agents. If a customer finds a solution on its own, then there’s no need for a ticket. Simply by implementing such an approach you can reduce workload, increase productivity and help your business offer quality service.

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