Customer Care

What is Customer Care?

Customer Care is professional, helpful, and high-quality advice or assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. It’s management-oriented as it requires you to create, develop and enhance customer services in order to maximize your customers’ value and increase their loyalty.

Customer care moves one step beyond basic customer service by building an emotional connection with the carefully targeted customer. So its core role is to show actual care for customers – listen to their needs, answer their questions, and offer the right solution.

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what is customer care?

Customer Care Metrics

Tracking the right metrics is crucial to business success. Keeping a close eye on the most important ones helps you measure the success of your support efforts. Here are the most important metrics you should be tracking when it comes to caring for customers.

1. Follow up time

Follow up on customer requests or purchases and show them your care.

2. First (ticket) response time

Respond to customers fast, even if you can’t solve a request right away.

3. Repeat purchase chance

Nurture customers that return and frequently interact with your brand.

4. Resolution rate

Aim to successfully solve as many requests as possible.

All of these metrics aim to make your business customer friendly. This is no easy task, as there always be negative experiences or feedback involved. Moving past such things can be channeling at times. Make sure you always hire capable agents and listen to customers, leaving enough room for improvement.

Relevant Customer Care Metrics
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