Conversational ABM

What is Conversational ABM?

Account-based advertising (ABA), marketing, and sales are all elements needed to create a full account-based experience (ABX). By combining sales and marketing it’s a whole paradigm change on how outbound marketing works. The goal is to move away from a generalized marketing approach, where we threw the same message to get jillions of prospects and fish out those that are interested in our product or service, the one-to-many approach.

Account-based marketing helps us identify the exact accounts we should focus on. Second of all, by adding conversational marketing into the equation we can engage directly with our target audience when they’re on our website, in real time. This is the key point where sales and marketing join efforts to engage personally with the account.

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Conversational ABM was last modified: September 3rd, 2020 by Mirjana
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