Competitive Advantage

What is a Competitive Advantage?

A competitive advantage is gained by offering consumers a higher value of products and services to outperform its competitors. Competitive advantage comes in a variety of forms and results from matching core competencies to the opportunities.

In the long term, this drives a greater number of sales than competitors and boosts the business’ position in their industry. There are many factors to be combined to create a competitive advantage, such as strategic pricing, customer service, market positioning, product quality, among others.  

Competitive Advantage

How Competitive Advantage Work?

Competitive advantage creates a more prominent incentive for a firm and its investors as a result of specific qualities or conditions. The more reasonable the upper hand, the more troublesome it is for contenders to kill the favorable position. The two fundamental sorts of top sides are a similar bit of leeway and differential bit of advantage.

Comparative Advantage

A company’s ability to produce a product or service more efficiently than its competitors, which leads to more significant profit margins, creates a comparative advantage. Rational consumers will choose the cheaper of any two perfect substitutes offered. For instance, a car owner will buy gasoline from a gas station that is 10 cents cheaper than other stations in the same area. For imperfect substitutes, like Pepsi versus Coke, higher margins for the lowest-cost producers can bring superior returns.  

Amazon (AMZN) is an example of a company focused on building and maintaining a comparative advantage. The eCommerce platform has a level of scale and efficiency that is difficult for retail competitors to replicate, allowing it to rise to height mainly through price competition.

Differential Advantage

A differential advantage is when a company’s products or services differ from its competitors’ offerings are seen as superior. Advanced technology, patent-protected products or processes, and strong brand identity are all significant assets of differential advantage. These factors support wide margins and large market shares.


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