Branded Content

What is Branded Content?

Branded content, as opposed to conventional advertising, is a form of marketing, which aims at connecting with potential customers on a more profound level. Meaning, it uses the art of storytelling to reach the customers’ emotions, encourage action and start a conversation. It is most frequently used to increase brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

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In a world in which consumers are flooded by information and advertisements, brands were forced to find a creative, non-intrusive way to reach their potential customers. So instead of focusing their attention on the product or service, branded content wants to stir emotions and spark joy. Provoke positive feelings and encourage two-way communication. Solve problems. Or simply offer comfort and put a smile on their customers’ faces.


Branded content is made in a completely different way from conventional ads. They have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of their viewers while they’re scrolling their News Feed, passing a billboard on a street or watching TV. They are rather intrusive, loud, multicolored and function as a proclamation. Branded content doesn’t have those limitations – storytellers take all the time they need to build a story and cultivate their relationship with the consumer. They’ve already managed to catch their attention.

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How to Create Branded Content

There are certain basic criteria that branded content needs to fulfill. Branded content has to:

  • Be relevant and interesting to your consumers
  • Be Something that your readers would like to read or watch
  • Involve your brand and the advertiser in a positive way

There are no rules for creating a good story. It is a matter of creativity. But there are certain guidelines, which can help you determine which story could resonate well with your specific consumers.

1. It’s about People

It’s no wonder that word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest marketing strategies out there. People like to buy from companies they believe in. And if they hear a positive testimony about a brand from a person they can relate to, it is more likely that they will also become this company’s customers. So in your branded content you can try and present stories of real customers from an interesting perspective.

2. Show the Benefits of your Product

It’s not only about telling everyone how awesome your product is. Try and create a story about a certain benefit your brand provides for customers. Highlight those benefits in a new and subtle way.

3. Talk about What Truly Matters

Love, compassion, kindness – those are all universal emotions. Try and think about a message that would inspire your customers to become better people. This will make them rethink their perspective on life.


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