Brand Voice

What is Brand Voice?

The way how you present the personality and attitude of the brand through the communication channels and to your targeted audience. In short, it’s how a brand conveys its personality to its audience. It also contains a set of specific vocabulary that the brand uses in communication with the audience. It’s how a brand chooses to communicate to meet professional and organizational goals.

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What is Brand Voice

Brand Voice Examples

There’s a lot of brand out there that struggle to find the perfect voice to approach their customers. In order to execute such a strategy perfectly, it’s a good idea to learn from example. Let’s look at some brands that have a unique and recognizable online voice.

Taste the rainbow – Skittles

Skittles decided to push the boundaries of strangeness and fun with their unique brand voice. Their communication strategy focuses on humor, general wackiness, and adorable weirdness. It doesn’t come as a surprise they’re quite popular all throughout social media.

Example of Skittles brand voice

Empowering customers – Dove

Dove is a company that sells beauty and self-care products. Their brand is built around the idea of promoting a positive body image, empowering customers – especially women. Built around the image of confidence, awareness, and positivity, their voice is nothing short of calming and friendly. Inspiring others to feel good, their message resonated and influenced millions of people all around the world.

Example of Dove brand voice

Let’s make it simple – Slack

Slack is a world-famous in-team chat application used by millions of businesses worldwide. It’s also one of the most intuitive software you’ll find. Simple to use, getting to know Slack only takes a few minutes. Their brand voice follows the same principle, offering a great sense for humor and a human approach. Slack’s motto: stay clear, concise, and human.

Example of Slack brand voice
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