What is Automation?

In customer care and helpdesk, the term automation is used to describe the process of significantly reducing or removing human labor entirely when assisting clients. Modern helpdesk software often features trendy and useful customer service automation tools such as AI-powered chatbots, intelligent routing, canned responses, knowledge base, etc.

Businesses automate customer service for two main reasons: to lower the labor costs and improve customer satisfaction, along with the servicing speed.

What are the benefits of customer service automation?

Process streamline

Optimize the workflow of customer care teams with the helpdesk system which provides scripted responses to the most recurring support scenarios. In those cases, your human agents will not waste time typing out the same answers over and over again.

The same software can optimize the workflow by prioritizing and attributing tasks. For instance, the customer follows up on the ongoing situation regarding the tracking ID.

Reduce the friction

A giant pain point for the customers is a long waiting line after they get in touch with customer service. To shorten those, businesses either hire more agents or automate supporting channels.

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