What is Archiving?

An important part of the seamless user-experience is keeping the track of the conversations happening between the brand and customers. That is why most of the omnichannel software offers the ability to archive and store the conversation to one place.  With that software ability, businesses and customer care agents can access previous conversations with customers or send the conversation transcripts to agents, customers or anyone else.

Most of the businesses are striving towards the amazing customer experience which is why they are using the omnichannel helpdesk and live chat software. Omnichannel software offers a wide range of features, while the single most important one is the ability to funnel all the customer conversation to one place. Businesses using the omnichannel software can access all the data fast and easy, which makes the problem-solving process much more effective.

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What is archiving

1. Archiving

Archive definition

The archive is a collection of data (conversations) moved to storage for backup, to keep separate for compliance reasons or for moving off primary storage location. It is usually a list of files or conversations under a directory or catalog structure.


Archive vs. Backup

Archive and backup are very similar, but they have some distinct differences.

Backups are copies of data stored with the idea of recovery in the case of corruption. In backup copies are typically created using replication and updates as a file change.

Archived data is not a copy of data but reasonably altered data that needs to be retained for an extended period.


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