Agent Interface

What is Agent Interface?

The agent interface is the backend view that customer care representatives use to provide assistance to customers. When an agent logs in to Paldesk, from the dashboard they can perform actions. For example, they can subscribe and unsubscribe customers from the mailing lists, manage tickets, provide the product delivery status.

Depending on the size of the company and the customer service software used, the agent interface can take on many forms. All in all, it provides agents with full control over the customer activities and an overview of the customer life cycle.

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Agetn Interface

Picture 1. Paldesk Agent Interface

Agent Interface: Features

Every customer support agent needs some specific details and features for excellent customer service.

Here is the list of features needed for great customer support agent:


Agent Interface - ticketing

Picture 2. Agent Interface – Paldesk Ticketing System

Pal looking over an object

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