Time Management Skills

Time management skills refer to a set of skills used to organize and divide your time between specific activities. Time management at its core is the art of having the time to do everything you need, without feeling stressed out.

However, they are strictly personal – there isn’t a unique recipe that can turn everybody into time management masters. It is a long and complex process and it depends primarily on the person since not all techniques work in the same way for everybody.

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Good time management skills can increase your productivity. They can make you do more in less time and avoid the pressure of a tight schedule. On the other hand, the lack of these skills can lead to higher stress levels and lower effectiveness.

Time management skills

Picture 1. Good time management skills reduce the level of stress

Which time management skills are the most important?


It may seem rather insignificant, but you can practice your organization skills already on your desk. Does everything have their assigned spot on your desk? Do you know where you keep your important documents? Do you categorize them in any way? How do you keep your notes? Do you have and use a calendar?

This all takes time, but if done right it can save you a lot of time and give sense to other things you’re doing. Being organized means you have the big picture of what needs to be done and when.

Ability to prioritize

Deciding what is important and assessing your responsibilities is the key to good time management. This is especially important when you are faced with a heavy workload. There are many different ways to prioritize your tasks – it can depend on the complexity of the task, or a deadline. But whichever the case, clear priorities will keep your focus strong and keep your mind off performing tasks you shouldn’t.


Setting a clear and viable goal allows you to fully understand how your workload should be prioritized. When you have a clear goal, then it should be a bit easier to choose activities that will lead you to its accomplishment. The most fundamental time management skill is to use your time in a way that it serves your goals.


Strong communication skills make it easier for you to explain your plans and goals to others. There are small chances that you will be performing all of the aspects of your work alone, so it is important to develop supportive relationships. Good communication is the key to building a strong team, and it easier and faster to complete a task when a workload is shared.


Decision-making is one of those skills, which if done wrong, can have a really bad influence on many aspects of your life. In order to make good or the best possible decisions in a given moment, it is important to be fully aware of all the consequences. Good preparation is always as good start, as well as setting criteria.

What are the benefits of time management?

No matter how you divide a day, there are only 24 hours for you to do something. Learning and maintaining time management skills will give you the opportunity to be productive to the fullest, procrastinate less and have enough time to relax and do things that charge your batteries. Finding the right set of time management skills is like trying out clothes – you’ll maybe need to try out different mechanisms until you find those which fit. But once you do, say goodbye to deadline pressure and stress.

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