What are Micro-Moments?

Google first introduced micro-moments in 2015 when Ja Baer mentioned ‘mapping customer ‘micro-moments’ as one of the seven hottest content marketing trends for 2017. Set to explain behavioral change created and enabled by the acceleration of the smartphone use, Google team described micro-moments as an ‘intent rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need-to-know, go, do or buy.’

In these moments, the expectations of consumers are higher than ever and the powerful computer all of us carry in our pockets are training consumer that brands have to deliver immediately upon their wish.

What is micro moment

Micro-moment marketing

Brands that want to stand out and deliver seamless user experience are using the micro-moment concept to create relevant marketing experience for their customers.

In short, when people act on their need in the given moment, their expectation is high and patience, low. Our preference and purchase are shaped at that very micro-moment. Brands with fast response, relevant and useful content, will enjoy a huge competitive edge since they are addressing customers need in that specific, intent rich moment.

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