Business hours

What are Business hours?

To let customers know when the support staff is open for their inquiries, companies worldwide set-up customer care business hours.

Businesses create operating hours to let customers know when customer care is open for work. One of the biggest customer pain-points is when customers wait long for the response from the company. Setting-up business hours, along with the chatbot development, will help sort this out.

Business Hours with Chatbots

Businesses distributing products and services worldwide usually chose different working hours for various departments working in different time zones.

To improve user-experience, businesses turn more and more to AI-powered chatbots that are available 24/7. In most cases, chatbots can’t replace the humans in complex tasks, but for automated requests, hiring a chatbot will make essential improvements to your customer experience.

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What are business hours

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How to Setup Business Hours in Paldesk?

With Paldesk you can setup Working Hours easily from your dashboard.

Business hours or Working hours are essential for a business who doesn’t’ have 24/7 online support and wants to set up information message for the visitors on live chat.

If you want to see how to manage Business hours in Paldesk just go to instructions: How to setup Business hours in Paldesk?

Business Hours

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