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Messaging apps have gotten a whole new level of popularity throughout the years. They kept adding new features from time to time to maintain that popularity and so that customers would continue use their platform. That is what Viber did with Viber Communities – a feature that offers a chat space where up to 1 billion members will be able to exchange messages and engage with one another.

Not only you got a chance to interact with an unlimited number of members, but also you can enjoy more admin controls and play around with new conversation features.

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Therefore, communities are group chats at the next level that enable different individuals to share content around specific subject they are enthusiastic about. 

Some of the examples are communities of celebrities, sports clubs, music events, cooking, and others. That’s why Viber is an excellent tool for businesses.

From Public Account to a Community

Viber no longer accepts public accounts apps because Viber Communities have been     introduced.

Public accounts were created for companies and brands that wished to interact with Viber customers for advertising, customer service — or both.

Moreover, through the private messaging feature, companies had the distinctive ability to develop customized experiences for their customers.

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Community Features

Similar to group chat, but improved, some of the features are:

    • Unlimited members – the only limit is the number of people on the app.
    • New members can be added to public communities by tapping on a link.
    • When they join, all the group’s new members will see the whole group chat history.
    • Group administrators can pin message at the top of the chat.
    • Communities can create a collection of favorite media sent in the chat.
    • Pinned messages at the top of the chat.
    • Direct replies to a message in the chat.
    • Mention another Community member to introduce them to the discussion.
    • Send stickers, gifs, songs, links, pictures and more 
    • Chat directly and privately with hidden-number chats

Tiered Management Roles

This feature has different management roles for each member of the Community. Those are Super admins, Admins, and Community members.  

It helps to ensure that “sure participants stay focused on community goals.”

Super admin

This role is reserved for the owner of a community. they have the ultimate say about everything that has to do with a Community.

As a Super admin you can:

  • Control admins’ and members’ writing privileges
  • Add or remove Community members
  • Promote members to admin or super admin status
  • Ban or block members
  • Customize the community’s image, description, and name
  • Decide whether or not participants will engage in discussion
  • Can invite new members into the Community
  • Pin messages in order to start a group discussion
  • Delete one or even all messages written by individual members
  • Publish public links to invite new members
  • Decide whether all members of the Community can share its link


They help Super admins manage the community and its members.

  • Add or remove Community members
  • Pin messages in order to start a group discussion or raise awareness to a certain topic
  • Delete one or all of the posts written by individual members

Community members

You became a member if you are a participant of a community, but not an admin or super admin. One of the advantages is that other members don’t see their phone number.

  • Have full access to the community history
  • Send and reply with text, GIF, stickers, video message, etc. to any sort of email.
  • Can mention other people in email by typing “@” in the chat
  • Mute notifications

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Benefits of a Viber Community

It is the most advanced feature Viber has in the messaging world to manage large organizations. Viber is the only messaging app that provides unlimited chat groups for members.

Viber Communities have key advantages:

Visibility – Unlike Public Chats who were placed in a dedicated tab, all Communities are accessible from the main chat list – just like any other chat, and next to users’ private conversations. This means that your content will become more visible and more engaged.

Multiple admin roles – Viber Communities have various administration roles to enchance your capacity to organize focused and streamlined conversations.

Open chat – You can decide if your Community is open for all members to message and take part in the conversation.

Insights & analytics – Access your Community information straight from the info screen of your Community.

Discoverability – Communities can be searched directly from the Search bar in the main chat list (by adding “@” to the beginning of the query).

Member to Member messaging (coming soon) – A Viber Community allows members to engage with others through safe and secure messaging while keeping their phone numbers hidden. Members will not be able to message admins or super admins directly.

Notifications – Members of Viber Communities can decide the frequency of notifications received from a particular community.

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Viber Launches Polling in Group Chat and Communities

This novelty gives everyone access to communication so they can real-time find out what other people think about a particular topic.

Answers to group or community are individual, and there are infinite choices. Adding a poll is a great way to engage audiences in a way that contributes to the discussion – by enabling democratic elections and encouraging more people to engage in different topics and to do it as often as possible.

Polls have raised one of the highest levels of engagement in Viber Communities so far and have provided valuable insights to the company to respond to the needs and preferences of its public.

It has also shown that Viber users are open to meeting new people in various groups.

Viber Communities Poll

Picture 1. Viber Communities Poll

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a virtual hang out place where you can invite as many people as you want – then this is it.

Remember, Communities are all about sharing common interests in anything you an imagine as well as having fun, so start gathering your tribe right away.

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