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Viber for business can be a powerful solution for companies, mainly because their chat features are great tools for customer care. You can use it for multiple things relating to your business, such as promoting your company with Viber Public Account. It makes it easier to share fresh information and product pictures with your existing customers.

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Consequently, a lot of businesses have recognized the potential of Viber early on. Rightfully so, considering instant messaging is a part of the daily life for many people.


4 Reasons Why Viber for Bussines Is a Great Solution for Companies

Impressive stats

Viber’s numbers are skyrocketing. The number of unique user IDs from June 2011 to March 2020 has risen from 11 million to 1.17 billion – that’s by more than a hundred times!

Viber stats


Picture 1.  Number of Viber registration in millions

Viber was the only messaging app to claim 10 or more countries in a very short period of time. Now it is used in 193 countries and has 260 million monthly active users. Compared to other apps, such as WhatsApp or We Chat, Viber has achieved impressive growth in a short period of time.

Take a look at some interesting 2021 Viber stats:

  • Average Viber user launches the app 12 times every day
  • Viber has been used in 193 countries
  • 7 million interactions happen every minute on Viber
  • Even though Viber has 1.05 billion users at the moment, only 260 million use the network actively.

Public Accounts and support for many devices and platforms

Viber gave you the opportunity to use a Public Account for your company. Currently, they’re no longer accepting any further applications for this feature, as they’ve launched a new product called Communities.

Public Account gives you a variety of options when it comes to your business, as users can find you among other accounts and connect with your company. It also enables users to share content with companies and create chat groups. Furthermore, they provide the ability to digitally “follow” a particular Public Chat. You can even search for content and additional information about the company, connecting the customer with your business.

Why should your business have a Public Account?

First of all, you can talk to your customers immediately. That is because of the rich messaging and great interface options. Secondly, customers can reach your company the same way they’d reach out to any other of their contacts. In addition, Public Account lets you have guests, followers, and subscribers. You can it use it on Viber on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices such as Bada and Nokia’s Symbian. Reach your customers wherever they are, it’s that simple.

The killer features

Viber for business gives companies the power to completely satisfy customers with the features they offer. Chat is most widely used as a channel of communication, as you can utilize it in a variety of different ways. This is its killer feature, sending messages between users – instantly and with minimum mobile data usage. If text communication matters to you, it’s an easy choice, as it is dedicated to users that demand message communication options.

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Encryption and real-time interaction

Viber’s Android app has added encryption to video clips, audio clips, and location so that your data is protected and can’t be spied on easily. Viber gives you various possibilities for real-time communication. Furthermore, It allows users to share their locations with their connections.

Great Ways of Using Viber for Business

B2C messaging has a great opportunity to create a permanent connection with the customer. This is largely due to the fact it’s always present on the user’s smartphone, there wherever she or he goes. That way, the business stays in the palm of the hand of your customers.

It is a great tool for customer support because is simple and has great reach. Research states that customers would always prefer to send you a message over Viber than calling your helpdesk support number. It can be used to market products and services and can be used in the interaction with customers.

Viber is also great for promoting your business and making deals and sales. Using Viber for business and it’s Public Account feature, you can create a mobile promoting platform to target your customers. In addition, it offers great customer service and adds a personal touch to your communication.

Many companies like Coca-Cola, Violet’s Kitchen, 2Forks, Rafinery29 use Public Chats to reach their customers and improve their experience.  For example, Violet’s Kitchen uses Public Chat to talk to their customers about their products or actions regarding these products. Users can give Violet’s Kitchen feedback, establishing a relationship with the brand.

Violet Kitchen Viber for business account Violets Kitchen Viber for business Public Chat
Picture 2. Violet’s Kitchen Public Account

The Weather Channel Viber for business Public ChatRafinery29 Viber for business Public Account
Picture 3. The Weather Channel and Refinery29 Viber for Business Public Account

Some employees can resist the introduction of new channels of communication because they are accustomed to simplicity. People are reluctant to learn new things, but many companies start using Viber with almost no additional employees. That’s why companies choose Viber for internal communication and communication with clients. There is an increasing number of small businesses use it to announce new offers or send greetings or wishes to their customers.


Viber for business is a great way to connect, internationally and locally. This makes Public Chat the first point of contact with your customer, which allows you to create a strong interaction and a real-time connection. Consequently, this trend will only keep growing in the years to come. Real-time conversations are the future because messaging is a hybrid between e-mail and live chat. The customer can send messages that you can respond to later.

Live chat is already a trend –  customers are chatting with businesses over the Viber app. It’s predicted that it will become the prime way of communicating with customers. This is largely due to the benefits it offers for both customers and businesses.

Are you ready to use Viber for business to communicate with your customers? New business opportunities await.

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