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Voice of the Customer (VOC) program helps businesses to improve their products and services and keep up with customer inquiries.  Companies that have well-created VoC programs think about feedback from each client, react quickly to their needs, and at last use what they figured out on how to make enhancements across their offices.

Today, we’re sharing how you can use VoC data in order to improve customer service. But first, let’s find out the meaning behind these two terms. Paldesk described them well:

Voice of The Customer

 “Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a term that describes your customer’s feedback about experiences they collected with and expectations for your products or services. VoC is focused on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.”

Customer Support

Customer support is a set of services provided by an organization to a customer. It is also a part of customer relationship management. Companies use helpdesk to enable customer support so customers could contact the company through email, mobile phone, live chat or other channels.”

The Link Between VOC Data and Customer Support

Want to hear a secret of keeping a customer? Customer Experience. And want to know how to deliver excellent customer experience? By gathering a well-practiced and full of a knowledge support team. And when you combine great team and VOC data, you can unlock areas that seek improvements. By doing so, you will be able to boost customer satisfaction, and even more – to reduce the number of complaints your business gets.

But even with all that information on hand, some companies still don’t plan to implement VOC programs. According to Ventana Research showed on the picture below, this is the state of the market:

Voice of customer Ventana Research

Using VOC Data in Customer Support

You can collect voice of customer data through various platforms. When focusing on customer-centric data, you are on the right path to improve customer experience. That means you are focusing on your customer’s needs, and it will help you learn what customers find good or bad about your product or service you are offering.

It is obviously in your company’s interest you make your customers happy. The more customers you make happy, the faster your products will see improvement and your company will grow. But, if you fail to make them happy by not delivering good customer experience, then be ready for the consequences.

And you know how it goes. Customers will tell their friends, family or colleagues, and news will be spread in a bit. Especially if they leave feedback on social media. And nobody wants to read how frustrated people were about the poor customer experience they had.

So, with VOC data, you can see the parts you need to focus on most to boost customer satisfaction and also reduce the number of the negative feedback you receive.

Let’s see the benefits of using VOC data in customer support:

It motivates your team

When collecting VOC data you can also boost your team’s performance. Not only they can recognize mistakes that were made, but they are able to improve them in a short period of time with an implemented VOC program. Plus, they will make a difference and be satisfied with the outcome they’ve achieved. Results? Happy customer – happy employee!

Your customer support team can even compete in a friendly way, seeing which one will answer the first 20 customers feedbacks. It helps individuals to see how good they are with the tasks. After implementing such behavior, they will be able to see the positive impact they had on customer experience.  

Customer feedback helps you understand customer expectations

Forrester research says that “74% of customer experience professionals in the US and Europe said they are able to generate new product ideas from customer feedback.”

Feedback is an important part of data that can help your customer support team. Whether you gain data through surveys, focus groups or some other platform, it will help you build a complete picture of the experience you are delivering to every one of your customers, and helps you understand customer expectations.

According to Get Feedback, VoC feedback falls into one of three categories:

  • Direct feedback: This type of feedback comes when a customer knows the company is listening and may expect a response. We can see it through text/SMS surveys, etc.
  • Indirect feedback: When a customer gives indirect feedback by talking about the company, but not speaking directly to the company and does not expect a response. This type is based on reviews, forums or reactions from social media sites.
  • Inferred feedback: Inferred feedback is how customers use your products and services. It is collected from historical Voice of the Customer data. This feedback includes information such as website clickstream data.
Types of feedbacks

Product Development

Voice of customer data is often used to attract customer reactions to new products. It is highly important to listen to what your customer has to say because it can lead to product improvement and a profitable direction. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your products just because a customer has negative feedback you don’t agree with. Learn from your mistakes and then gradually start improving them until you succeed.

When speaking about product development, Super Office pointed this out very well:

“By asking the right questions during your VOC data collection process and analyzing the results, you’re going to uncover a wide range of opportunities:

  • Improvements that could boost your product’s usability
  • Features that could help differentiate your product from the competition
  • And suggestions for complementary products or services”

Final Thought

Voice of customer data should be an inevitable part of customer support as it also crucial for the growth of your business. Collecting customer feedback through various platforms can help you unlock the path to success. So, use that feedback to make your product better and to deliver an excellent customer experience.

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